If I think out loud for a minute, this is what you would hear as I take a walk of Champions, Canmore Ab.
If a week is a long time in sport,  then a month must be eternity.  There are in fact 604,800 seconds in a week, and when you break the sport of bobsleigh down into the fractions of seconds different between the fastest teams in the world and our team. I sit back and smile. I smile that for all the coaching, all the research and development,  all the years attempting the sport, we are only fractions of a second behind you, in the sled that you didn't want, the runners that you said weren't very good, the team that should be on the beach somewhere getting tanned, surfing or just doing random acts of awesome. Look over your shoulder world, we are coming whether you are ready for us or not!
This week,
we saw Pierre Leuders deflect from Canada to Russia (those that don't Pierre was pretty good, in fact a couple of Olympic medals good, he also coined the name 'GWH'- Great White Heath, for which he is probably better known in Australia), to coach the Russian team up until Sochi, for what ever reason it be, financial, those funny hats, Lada motor vehicles or his passion for fine Russian Vodka. From all of us Aussies, good luck, thanks for your 2 cents worth helping get me down the Canadian tracks safely, Its not every day someone gets to live the dream and get paid to do what they love. We certainly admire you for it.
We saw Derek Plug ( Bob team Spring brakeman) attempt to break 11seconds over the 100m here in Calgary, only to come up just shy at 11.05 in a valiant effort none the less.
Back home we saw Brakeman Lucas Mata rushed to hospital with a suspected ruptured appendix, which after a night of close observation from the nursing staff he has made a miraculous recovery, but will be on light duties for a few days just in case.
The biggest news of the week however came with the announcement,  Australian women s bobsleigh team piloted by veteran of 2 Olympic games Astrid will be receiving substantial funding from the Olympic Winter institute of Australia (OWIA). Nice,  congrats to Astrid and her team, it is fantastic to hear that some love is being shown by the OWIA and AOC for our very under supported sport. I have one question though.... Does anyone realize we have an Australian men's team? do you realize that our budget was smaller than anyone's on the circuit this year? we finished higher than any Australian team in the history of the sport and did that all because we compete for ourselves as a squad for the love of the spor. Regardless of funding, we will continue to compete and work our way up the rankings.

"Australia,  What are you doing here?" (commonly heard by the German team as we enter the start house)

Photo courtesy of Joe Clark, Toronto Journalist and ultimate Bobsleigh super fan O'
But who is counting? I am, I feel like I should have a giant Calendar on my wall where I mark each day off with a giant red "X". Everyday that goes by is an opportunity either capitalized or a missed opportunity.   611 days means 611 chances to improve, get stronger. get faster do better, look after myself, spread the word, and work one of 4 sources of income to save for the up coming season where attempt to achieve something that has never been done by an Australian Male Bobsleigh team ever. That is to compete on the  full world cup  circuit and win the Americas Cup circuit where we came third last season, and continue to move up the world rankings on our road to Sochi 2014
As we move forward and all the attention of the world focuses on London over the next few month the SBS will be quietly working hard to make sure when the eyes of the world are on us, we are ready. 

Recently we welcomed Stormtech clothing and apparel to the SpenceBOBSquad. We are extremely grateful as a team that they have come to our aid and we will be wearing their fantastic outer wear this season, pictures to come when our order arrives.“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” -Mia Hamm